Daily Practice



I invite you to imagine this...

What if you could remain peaceful despite the chaos of family?

What if you felt better every day in your body, mind, and spirit? 

What if you could be more present, helping your kids feel really seen? 

If it sounds too good to be true, I totally hear you...

Not long ago, I was overwhelmed with parenthood, life, and all that it entails. My emotions swung wildly between frustration and elation. There was never any time to take care of myself. 

Like you, I dreamt of being a completely peaceful, grounded mama. I wanted to be fit and feel good in my body, but I also wanted more peace. I wanted to be able to respond rather than react with my family. 

I found a place of peace and calm. I found the power of a regular yoga and meditation practice and it completely changed my life. 

So, what exactly is The Daily Practice? 

I created an course that combines the most anatomically-sound yoga instruction with mindfulness and the deeper self-learning aspects of yoga. I added in the foundations of conscious parenting. And finally, I made it so that it can fit into a busy mama's life - with as little as 6 minutes a day, 3 times a week!

This 28-day immersion combines yoga practices with mindfulness teachings in four big themes: 

Week 1: Get Connected
Get Connected is all about becoming present in your body. Yoga means to "yoke" together mind, body, and spirit. Here you will learn to truly connect to your body with loving-kindness.

Week 2: Get Strong
Get Strong is about developing your strength from the inside out - not only getting physically stronger, but developing your inner calm..

Week 3: Get Grounded
Get Grounded focuses on getting out of your worries and into your body. We will draw on the solidity of the earth to stay present and peaceful.

Week 4: Get Still
In Get Still, we will focus on calming the mind (yes, even while moving in a yoga practice). You will learn techniques to release stress and find peace.

What you will get when you buy the Daily Practice: 

Simple Videos
Core-Strength yoga practice videos ranging gentle to vigorous, short enough to be able to fit into your busy schedule.

Guided Meditation
4 short guided meditations, which means you don’t have to worry about how to meditate.

Teaching Audios
4 teaching audios, to help you dive deep into each week’s theme and go step-by-step through planning your week.

Daily Emails
Daily email inspiration, so you can easily stay connected to your intention for the week.

Daily Practice community forum, where you will be able to get support from other mindful mamas.

Results you can expect from the Daily Practice:

  • Have more energy and better sleep 
  • Feeling more calm and peace throughout your day and with your children 
  • Less moments when you respond irritably 
  • Tools to release stress and truly be present for your life  

The Where, What and When 
The Daily Practice 28 days begins as soon as you sign up in the comfort of your own home.  It only takes as little as 6 minutes of your day, 3 times a week. 

Once you decide to get started here’s what’s going to happen: We will send tips for getting the most out of the program. Then the next email will invite you to join the forum and listen to the first teaching audio. Then a link for the first week’s videos will be delivered to your inbox. 

The full 4 week program will be delivered to your inbox, week by week to pace you mindfully. (*Note: there is no live coaching call in this program*)


In addition to the 28-day immersion into yoga for self-care, you’ll also get these:

Daily Intentions: Laura Thompson Brady of The Nourished Home, will help you become your truest and best self with her profound Daily Intentions work to step into clarity and gratitude.

Zen Parenting Podcast: Todd and Cathy Adams of Zen Parenting Radio will remind you the importance of self-care (and have some laughs along the way) in this exclusive podcast for The Daily Practice.

Managing Anger Lesson: Lori Petro of Teach Through Love will give you the relationship-building tools of compassionate communication and peaceful conflict resolution with her video on managing anger and stress.

And there are surprise bonuses along the way too!

What participants have said:

  • "I've fallen in love with it"

    "I wanted to be an empathic mom, holding space for the feelings, but I find myself always triggered and reactive. Now, after taking the Daily Practice I'm definitely more mindful in all things. I like feeling my body through the yoga.Plus, self-care has become a bigger priority! The program was really well prepared: Hunter made it doable and flexible for everybody needs. I loved the variety in meditation options, the different levels of yoga exercise levels and different options of time. I've fallen in love with it." 
    Silvia Praetzler 
  • "Feeling grounded and much more relaxed"

    "After a long day of being snowed in with two toddlers, I put the kids to bed early and tuned into the guided meditation. I felt so good, I had to follow it with the gentle practice. Feeling grounded and much more relaxed. Thank you, Hunter"
    Courtney Loughney
    Wilmington, DE, Le Petit Yogi 
  • "It improved my sex life!"

    "Before the Daily Practice, I was not feeling very physically fit - a bit overweight. And I struggled with excessive worrying. I wanted to incorporate a healthy routine into my life. The biggest surprise was that it improved my sex life! That, I did not expect. I wakeup and then a 10 minute meditation and then a 20 minute vigorous most mornings as sort of a happy morning wellness sandwich. Now I am waking up early and practicing yoga every day. Often more than once a day. And I have practicing meditation at least 5 days a week. 
    I have done a lot yoga in the past. The difference and HUGE benefit of this was the ability to do it in the home. Not having to trek to a studio and pay an exorbitant class fee has made this accessible and affordable. Try it! I have told many people about it and would recommend it to pretty much anyone. I mean, who wouldn't benefit from Yoga and meditation and Hunter's loving and sweet approach?" 
    Anna Savoie 
  • "It helped me clear my mind and find peace daily"

    "I was feeling very overwhelmed. I was not taking time to take care of myself on any level--physically or spiritually. After doing the Daily Practice, I can silently witness my thoughts and feelings without resisting or reacting to them. I have begun to honor the craving I have for stillness. The meditations really "filled my bucket," and I realized my need for stillness was the reason why. I learned to breathe into uncomfortable poses and to just notice the sensations and not judge or resist them. 
    I liked the progression of the program--that each week was building on the one(s) before. This is the first real yoga program I've done. I've only dabbled in yoga practice before--from a couple DVDs I have at home. I feel like I began with this program to learn what yoga really is--a practice of and journey towards wholeness. 
    I highly recommend it! Not only did it bless me physically, but that it helped clear my mind and find peace daily." 
    Kristin Baker
  • "It's the best thing I've done for myself in years"

    "I just feel better. On days when I DON'T do it, my back aches, my hips ache, etc. I really look forward to doing yoga. It improves my mood, every time. I would definitely recommend it. it has changed my outlook, my mood, and my body. Hunter is a lovely teacher, very encouraging, and non-judgemental. It's the best thing I've done for myself in years. I like that there were so many different practices to choose from. I started with the gentle, and now I'm cycling back through and doing the moderate. it's a good, slow, ramp up. It has been an incredible change for me at a time when I was feeling really beaten down by life. Thank you."
    Addie, Philadelphia, PA 
  • "I love the gentleness of Hunter's manner... I absolutely recommend it"

    "Prior to the Daily Practice, I was struggling with stress and anxiety. I wondered if I would really make time for the practice, and if it was an investment that made sense for me.   This past year has been filled with powerful growth for me, and the Daily Practice was one of the critical elements that got that growth started. I loved the gentleness of Hunter's manner -- the relaxing and encouraging way she guides us through the practices.  Aside from the benefits of yoga, just hearing/seeing Hunter for those 20 minutes was uplifting!  I absolutely recommend it. This is such a gentle and accessible way to learn and practice, in the privacy of your home but with a community of other seekers."

    Valerie Weiss
    • "I feel more relaxed and invigorated"

      "I am a busy mother of three and a full-time teacher and I admittedly struggle with giving to myself. Hunter's daily practice has given me the motivation and a venue to find the time to practice yoga and enjoy a bit of peace just for me. The 20 minute practice is just the right amount of time. Afterward I feel more relaxed and invigorated and I am more able to focus on my family with an open heart. The fact that I can go upstairs to my room, shut the door and devote just 20 minutes is do-able. And after my recent surgery, I was able to start back up slowly with the gentle practice and continue to generate kindness and healing for both my body and soul." 
      Megan, DE
    • "I would recommend it!"

      "After having my second baby I was finding it hard to get back into the habit of practicing yoga regularly, and I knew both my body and mind needed it! Now I react more peacefully to stressful situations. My back and neck feel less tense I'm starting to feel physically stronger. 
      This online program was great because it was flexible so I could practice any day and anytime of the day. It was encouraging to belong to a group and being able to talk and share experiences with the others and with you. I would recommend it!" 
      Cristina Tebar 

More praise about The Daily Practice:

  • "It was a true gift!"

    "When I started I was anxious, overwhelmed and my body was tight. I was surprised to find I actually like short meditations-never thought I would! I now am able to making the time for yoga. I've been bringing the boys into the practice as well and incorporating meditation into my workday. It was a true gift!" 

    Cynthia Zalewsky
  • "I recommend this to any other stressed out parents
    who are pressed for time"

    "Before starting the Daily Practice I was worried about finding time and whether I was capable of performing the poses. (But the Daily Practice came through on its promises) very well! Hunter has good explanations. Positive attitude! It helped me build energy and strength. I recommend this to any other stressed out parents who are pressed for time -having even just a little "me time" (esp. Without having to leave your home). It really makes a difference."

    Nicole, DE 
  • "It was more than I hoped for"

    "Hunter's active presence, gentle guidance, and positive encouragement was wonderful and a huge factor in my success. Absolutely, yes you should do it! The pace is great for everyone from stay-at-homes, work-at-homes, or working full-timers. It was more than I hoped for." 

    Michelle Orsillo 
  • "I'm absolutely going to encourage friends to try it"

    "I really enjoyed it! I definitely feel calmer/more centered on the days that I do some sort of practice. It has been wonderful, and I'm absolutely going to encourage friends to try it the next time it runs."

    Valerie Weiss
  • "Do it"

    "I was feeling alone and tired after birth of my third child and recent move to a new state. I hoped that I would gain practical yoga tools to use in small chunks of time, and learn more about mindfulness. Now I know I can make a difference in my body and mind after just 20 minutes of yoga practice. I would invite my children to participate, sometimes my 2-year-old would even lay across me, so I would hold or lift her during the pose, haha. 
    After the Daily Practice, I notice those short chunks of time in my day and try not to waste them. The program is different from others because of Hunter's excellent directions about when to breathe in and out, and the belly bonfire breath. All that really made a difference for me. Do it. It's been very helpful for me to connect to my mind and body." 

    Kerry Lea 
  • "I love the range and variety"

    "I'd been struggling with mild depression. I wanted more patience with my children, time and self-care for myself. My biggest "aha" is around yoga! I've done the morning practice every morning and a couple of other practices during the week. I now feel the benefits of yoga. I don't really understand why it makes you feel better, in so many ways, but it really does. I'm hooked. 
    I use the breathing techniques when i feel the girls starting to wind me up. I'm also more aware of my emotions and can recognize when I'm going to react so can change my response. 
    I tried yoga classes and enjoy them but my partner works late so can rarely get to them. Home yoga practice is a perfect alternative. I have had yoga videos in the past but haven't used them much. I love the range and variety of your sessions. Will definitely keep using them." 

    Karen Page
  • "I have fallen in love with yoga like never before"

    "Before starting the Daily Practice I was concerned it would be too difficult and I would burn out. Well, I will say this, if I miss a day I really notice it and crave my daily practice. I have fallen in love with yoga like never before and I am so excited to have yoga, truly, be a new addition in my life."

    Melissa, DE 
  • "It is nice to challenge yourself in your own space"

    "Before I started I did not know you as an instructor, whether or not I could do yoga daily, or if I would like the format. It is nice to challenge yourself in your own space - trying the more difficult option and easing your way in rather than feeling overwhelmed in a class that is more difficult than you expect."

    Cindy, DE
  • "I am now less reactive and I practice everyday"

    "I was dealing with total fatigue and solo parenting burn out. My bigggest "aha" was how deep breathing can make such a tingling shift in my whole being! I am now less reactive and I practice everyday. I am practicing being present. How wonderful to honor self in motherhood and have calm tools from understanding teacher! 

    Dawn Teufel 
  • "You should DO IT!!"

    "I've been struggling finding balance with my work, family taking care of myself. I hoped that I could find the time and use yoga to bring calmness in my life. My biggest breakthrough was around my thoughts... I don't have to believe them. All the anxiety I've had in the past was self induced by believing my thoughts. After the Daily Practice, I am now more mindful, more aware of my negative self talk, and taking breath before I react. The support of Hunter was amazing. I felt like she is very genuine and committed to all of us. You should DO IT!!" 

    Leslie Battaglia 
  • "I will definitely continue to use the resources"

    "I was struggling with the overwhelm of parenting a toddler, pervasive low energy and some ongoing pain issues. I was only surviving each day. Now I do morning meditation almost every day. I am more grounded with my daughter. And I am more in tune when I need to take a break rather than just pushing through. The biggest "aha" for me with the Daily Practice is that I can take VERY small steps and that each day, each minute really is a change to start over. I will definitely continue to use the resources. I thought the structure and topics each week felt just right and on target with my process. If you were my best friend, I'd say, "Do it!" 

    Jennifer Lawrence
  • "I would recommend this to my best friend!"

    "Before the Daily Practice, I was struggling to fit in any selfcare. I felt frazzled, overwhelmed and short-tempered, particularly with my kids. My biggest "aha" is that yoga is a nourishing way to boost my energy levels when they are flagging. And yoga is now a way to reward myself at the end of a busy day in those moments when I habitually used to reach for food and overeat. Yoga now part of my daily routine to unwind. I would recommend this to my best friend!" 

    Louise Tennekoon 
  • "Designed for real people encountering life's real challenges"

    "I was struggling with not being able to give myself the time for self care that I deserve, and maintaining a mindful presence with my children in the midst of hectic modern life. After the Daily Practice, my biggest insight is that even 20 minutes in the morning can help me feel more grounded for the entire day, and can help me remain centered. I am now focusing on deep connection with core strength learned from belly bonfire breath. I am also trying to acknowledge thoughts and let them go in meditation. I absolutely recommend it! This is something you can fit in your life and is designed for real people encountering life's real challenges."

    Michelle Prindle
  • "I talk about the Daily Practice all the time"

    "At first I wondered If I would actually take the time to make it happen and if it was worth spending money on something I might not do. But I followed through and I am calmer! My kids now have a tool to use to help them calm. They also help remind me to do my yoga, so they must have noticed a difference. I talk about the Daily Practice all the time. It is so easy to incorporate into your routine. This has changed my interaction with my children. Every week we do yoga. Even tonight as I was putting my kids to bed my daughter told me to go do my yoga so I will be happy. I loved all the options for different yoga programs. Because I was worried I wouldn't take the time it was nice to have a 6 minute yoga session as well as a 1 minute meditation. Even if I never got to the hour long session I still felt like I was making steps toward a life long practice. In my search for happiness I found this class. It has truly helped me. I can see the joy, and sometimes I feel it, deeply.
    Thank you."

  • "I love the positive attitude I have now"

    "Having never been able to get into yoga before I was worried I wouldn't stick with it or find much benefit from it. I loved the idea of it though and reading your blog made me really curious to give it another go without having to go to classes. I really look forward to doing yoga now and I have a much more 'can do' approach with it (even though I always considered myself completely inflexible). I love reading the blog and have tried the meditations, I am trying to have a more mindful approach with my children. I really enjoyed reading the daily emails/blog posts, they were essential in keeping a positive attitude and made me want to form a yoga habit. I think having a gentle reminder every day to look after yourself and be kinder to yourself makes it so much easier to be a better parent. I think overall I feel calmer and have more relaxation strategies I am trying to remember to use. I would recommend it to anyone looking to ground themselves more and find relaxation tools to use through the day. I love the positive attitude I have now and I am really feeling the benefit of yoga! Thank you for the time you took to create a great course, I appreciate all the effort you put in Hunter!"

  • "It has changed my life!" "More centered, more calm, I'm carving out more time for myself (and yoga) even a month after the program ended.  And another bonus, no more lower back pain, the belly bonfire breath has helped my core so much I can finally stand and sit on the floor without pain." Sarah

The Investment for the Program:

Enroll in The Daily Practice for $297
[or 4 payments of $77]



  • What is my time-commitment?
    The “Habit-Forming” practice is only 6-minutes long - designed to be able to be fit into any day. Most of the practices are 20-minutes long so that they will be long enough to really get your yoga in and short enough to fit into a nap time or an early morning. However, to start a habit that will serve you for years, only 10 minutes a day, at least 3 days a week is necessary.    
  • Will I get to keep the videos & meditations?
    Yes! You can keep access to all the course materials ongoing. 
  • What if it’s too difficult (or too gentle)?
    Each week has a 20-minute gentle practice that focuses on stretching and relaxation, and a 20-minute vigorous practice. Plus, you will get a 60-minute all-levels practice video each week. 
  • What if I don’t like this type of yoga or your teaching style?
    60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, 100% Risk-Free.
    We are confident that if you complete the program and implement what you learn, you WILL get results. If you DO THE WORK, but are not satisfied, you may request a refund by emailing support@mindfulmamamentor.com within 60 days of purchase.
  • Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?
    No. You don’t have to be fit or flexible - those are reasons to come to yoga! Your fitness and flexibility will get better with time and practice. 
  • I’m worried that I might burn-out. The teaching audio holds your hand through setting personal, realistic goals - even if it means only 3 days a week to practice. 
  • Isn’t meditation difficult?
    The meditations are completely guided and foolproof. It can be challenging, but anyone can do it and the benefits are undeniable. 
  • Are men allowed too?
    Absolutely. It may be focused on a mama’s experience, but the open-minded papas will benefit too!